My 10 Year Challenge?  Flip!

I have been seeing posts about the 10 Year Challenge, seeing a photo of each individual 10 years ago and today.  

As I thought about posting myself, a different challenge came to mind which I feel is really important in light of where I have been moving over the past 2 years.  I have been investing in a lot of personal development.  

I felt strongly as I looked at those posts that my 10 year challenge should be…when I look back to today (and on), in ten years what do I want my 10 year older self to say?  Will I have made her proud?  Will she say you followed those promptings, you were true to what you felt called to do…look what He’s done through you.  You have allowed Him to work in and through you.

You stepped out of your comfort zone, time and time again.  Look at how He used your willing heart…

Although you could only see the next step or two you were faithful to take them and move forward.  You chose to no longer allow you, to stop, you…allow the negative self talk and thoughts to win.  You chose to find truth and speak it when those thoughts tried to run you over and keep you down.

When the enemy thought he was winning, you kept your focus and looked to the Father.  You kept your eyes on Him and saw through the enemy's schemes. 

When you fell down you got back up.  You surrounded yourself with people who helped you move forward and continued your journey from negative outlook to positive focus.

You allowed each encouraging word from one to count as many, knowing if someone shares how you touched their heart, there are likely more who did not tell you.  Allowing yourself to see you have an important, even essential calling.  He has called you and you are here to make an impact on those who will hear you.  They may not be open to hear it from anyone else, so keep moving forward.

You are here for them and you should be obedient to the calling.

We are most effective and fulfilled as we walk in our purpose, the WHY we are here…you stepped out of your job and into your mission.  It was like you were making your way back home.  Moving from tired to rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.  

What are you calling me to do today?  What is the next step in my story?  Who do I get to serve today and how?

My make you(me in 10 years) and Him proud...stay tuned!


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